I am a hardcore music lover and mobile accessories enthusiast. I prefer to keep music restricted my ears that is the reason I am crazy about earphones, be it wired or wireless.

I still remember my first earphone which I had received along with Nokia feature phone. Simple looking, complete black and stereo earphone. Second time, I bought Nokia N70 Music edition phone and got earphone with music key. That was something amazing those days.

I could play music, pause, play next song and Of course answer phone calls. Since, then I have used hundreds of wired and Bluetooth earphone and headphones. Tried a lot of branded stuff, semi-branded and some stuff from street side vendors. I have understood one thing very clearly, quality does have a price tag. However, if you are good at searching online and comparison. You may find yourself a great deal.

These days, we have loads of options available online and at offline stores. If you are a deep pocket guy, you can buy the most expensive earphone available in India. For other, I would suggest to set your expectations right.

Few questions that you should ask yourself:

  • What is my need?
  • How much can I spend?
  • How often do I want change earphones?
  • How much time will I spend earphones on?
  • What kind of earphone should I buy?
  • Where do I buy?
  • Will I get genuine stuff?

Sounds like too many questions. Do not worry, I am here to make things simpler for you folks. I will do all the research for you and suggest the best earphone or headphone for you. Just drop in your questions.

In coming days, I will share a lot of my experiences with you folks. Just remember you are not alone in the hunt for the perfect earphone for yourself.