Beats Solo 2 earphones are highly popular for their extra ordinary sound quality and amazing features. People appreciate it because they offer everything that is needed for a perfect music listening experience.
If you want to understand your Beats Solo 2 over-ear headphones, then you need to read its specifications and details properly so that you would not misunderstand any fact about this wireless headphone.
There are so many in-ear wireless headphone and on-ear wireless headphone available in the market which would be water proof but that does not mean that they will support under water work. You must get all the facts straight before finalizing your purchase.
There is a limit of water resistance of every device and you should read the water resistance specs before assuming anything about your device. If you will just start using water proof feature of your headphone without properly knowing earphones online then it can be harmful for your headphone.

Beats Solo 2 water resistance: Although these are sports headphone with mic that will offer you sweat and water resistant feature but that does not mean you can swim with them inside the water. They have their capability of protecting your headphone from moisture.
However, when you will forcefully bring them in the contact of water or when you will put them inside the water then it can be harmful for the device because they are not actually a swimming bluetooth headphone therefore you should not use them as swimming headphones.
Beats Solo 2 Uses: These headphone are perfect for outdoor and indoor work out activities. These are considered best sports headphone online because they are capable of water and sweat resistance. This feature allows them to be perfect for all kinds of sports.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: They can also be exposed to the rain and they will not be harmed from the inside which makes them suitable for sports activities. Just like there is a range of bluetooth headset available on the internet with water resistance feature, this is one of the best quality music choices for you.
  • Cons: In order to keep your headphone safe from the moisture damage, it is advised that you don’t expose them or submerge them to the high pressure water or constant flow water because they are not water proof, they are just water resistant which means they can keep the moisture away till a limit.

It is best if you keep these headphones away from the places like a sauna or steam room where your headphones will be exposed with the extreme moisture in the environment. Extreme heat or humidity can cause significant harm to the headphone.
If you want to enjoy your music with water proof feature then you can consider searching for other headphone alternatives such as Samsung or ptron earphones. These are the headphone that can be purchased in most suitable price range.
You can simply search about ptron or samsung headphones online to find water proof headphones for your purchase requirement.