If you want to charge your Beats Solo 2 wireless over-ear headphones, then you will need to follow the standard charging procedure of the headphone. This headphone will give you the option of USB charging which will be the perfect charging option as well.
If your earphones are running out of battery, then this will be one of the worst things you can imagine. There is a necessary requirement of the battery in the wireless headphone because they work on networking since they are wireless.
In order to make sure that your in-ear wireless headphone or on-ear wireless headphone doesn’t shut down due to the lack of power in it, you should keep it charged so that you can get sufficient playback time whenever you need it. It is better that you keep it fully charged all the time.
When you will completely charge your wireless bluetooth headphone then you can get complete 12 hours of playback time and the overall charging time of the headphone is two hours only. If you will give your headphone complete charging of two hours then you will get 12 hours to use it.

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Charging Beats Solo 2 Wireless Headphone With Mic: The primary step of charging Beats Solo 2 wireless bluetooth headset or headphone is to plug in the cable that is included in the box of headphone for the purpose of charging.
You should connect the cable with the charging port that will be visible on the right ear cup of the headphone. This procedure will ensure that your wireless device is connected with the charging cord and then you can proceed with the standard charging process.
You should plug in the charging cord. It will be the standard USB power source cord and you can connect it with the computer, pill or any other device that you have. You can connect the charging port with any device that has a USB port and that will support USB adaptor charging.
This is the most common thing about wireless headphone that they require time to time charging. It also depends on the frequency of use and headphone model. You can read about the details of your earphones online.

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Choosing Beats Solo 2 Wireless Headphone: You can easily find all the specs and details of beats power solo 2 wireless headphone online if you have any confusion about it. However, there is no difficulty in its charging process because its charging is really very simple.
Just like Samsung, LG or ptron earphones, you will get fast and easy charging in this headphone. You will not need to worry too much about draining of the battery in your headphone because beats are quite capable in power and durability.
In simple words, beats are highly competitive in charging and power consuming aspects. For example, you can also consider buying ptron, LG or samsung headphones online because they are also the most under budget and fast charging option for headphone users.