This earphones are the most important accessory of any smartphone.
PTron HBE7 Universal headphones is one such brand that has unique features.
It carries an innovative design that is compatible with Android smartphones.There is a unique feature in PTron HBE7 universal earphones that it can switch earphone mode to Android as well as iPhones.
This PTron Stereo Earphone headset features a unique, innovative design that is also distributed for Android
Premium Quality Stereo Sound delivers Dynamic Deep bass and high resolution sound.
It comes with Slim and Short cable.
Comes with 3.5 MM headset Jack with Mic.
Built-in microphone and +/- Volume button.
Balanced sound with full frequency range.
Soft and comfortable ear buds.
This earphone has microphone, call answer and end button, Volume control and an unique switch to change earphone mode into android and iphone.

Product Parameters

Input Plug Diameter : 3.5 MM
Frequency Range : 18 Hz – 20,000 Hz
Impedance : 32 Ohms
Maximum Input Power : 30 MW
Sensitivity : 11+/-16 DB(At 1 KHz 0.5 MS)
Cable Length : 120 CM
Speaker Size : 14.2 MM