Top 15 Earphones Bands

Regardless of whether it’s the shabby or cheap plastic pair of earphone that comes packaged with your smart phone or the costly earphone with a giant “b” imprinted on it, we all utilized earphone of different kinds in many different ways.

We have enlisted top 15 brands of earphone that will allow you to get complete awareness of available options in the market so that you can make right purchase selection and purchase decision in the shortest period of time.

1. Samsung Headphones:

As we all know, Samsung is a popular brand that manufactures electronic gadgets and devices. Purchasing Samsung earphones can allow you to get much more than you expect. You will get the advantage of durability and perfect customer support whenever needed.

Pros: Suitability with all Samsung and other devices.
Cons: Less creative appearance options in earphones.

2. Sony Earphones:

Sony wired or wireless headphones will definitely offer you outstanding sound quality. Music quality and comfort of the device have always been a major highlight of Sony earphones and that is what you can expect in every earphone manufactured by Sony.


  • Best sound quality in all price range.


  • Less features in low price and under budget earphones.

3. PTron Headsets:

PTron is a raising brand that offers a wide range of wired, wireless & bluetooth headsets. Main specialty of this brand is its affordability of the product. You can get a feature packed purchase option in under Rs. 299.


  • Its challenging sound quality earphones are just priced @ Rs. 299.
  • So many attractive appearance and interesting feature choices.


  • Additional silicon ear buds are not provided.

4. JBL Headphones:

JBL earphone comes with limited looks but they can offer you durability and price range in a single purchase. You can get exactly what you need in the most suitable and reasonable price range, that makes it a perfect and selection worthy brand for buying your earphone.


  • All kinds of budget range and feature choices.


  • Low sound quality.

5. House of Marley Earphones:

House of Marley is quite popular brand that is used for various different purposes. Basically, it can offer you a decent music listening experience and you can get all the necessary features that you will need for proper music listening experience.


  • Attractive earphone choices.


  • High price with limited features.

6. Philips Headphones:

Philips earphone can be purchased in under budget price range. You can get many different kinds of choices sin this brand and you can always find decent sound quality and durability advantage in all available earphone range.


  • Under budget, durable and appearance choices.


  • Compatibility issue in some earphones.

7. Boat Headsets:-

There are many choices available in boAt headsets. You can get headsets that will offer you feature such as headsets with mic and there are many premium quality headsets as well where you will get advanced features for professional uses.


  • Suitable for professional and personal use.


  • Durability and Comfort in earphones above certain budget only.

8. Zoook Headphones:

This brand will offer you medium and under budget price range earphones that are most suitable for general and daily use purposes. You can use these earphones for your every single requirement and you will get the advantage of the best convenience and comfort.


  • Suitable for all devices and all operating systems. Offers comfort.


  • Not suitable for professional purposes.

9. Motorola Earphones:

Motorola is quite a popular brand that manufactures earphones of all kinds. There are many categories and budget in Motorola earphones. Basically, this is trust worthy and suitable choice for everyone and for every single requirement.


  • Strong and durable earphones in under budget price range.


  • Mediocre sound quality in medium price range.

10. Skullcandy Headsets:

So many attractive choices are available in Skullcandy earphone choices. The market of earphone can offer you many different Skullcandy earphones with many different features which will enhance the usability and convenience of the product.


  • Earphones available for professional and personal purposes.


  • Less features in low cost earphone choices.

11. Intex Headphones:

Intex is a company that is most suitable for earphone that can be used for daily purposes. This is suitable for general and regular purposes because most of the intex earphones can be purchased in low and medium price range.


  • Comes with decent sound quality.


  • Does not offer durability in earphones.

12. Sennheiser Earphones:

Sennheiser earphones are popular for professional as well as personal utilization purposes. Many professionals use pro versions of Sennheiser earphones and they can be suitable for all professional requirements as well.


  • Feature packed earphones.


  • Costly. Lack of feature in low price range earphones.

13. Audio Technica Headsets:

Audio Technica earphones comes with simple appearance and there is not much variety in looks but you will get all necessary features and many advanced features that will make your music listening experience perfect.


  • Durable earphone with good sound quality.


  • Lack in the variety of appearance.

14. Monster Headphones:

You can find multiple bold and beautiful and bold appearances of earphones in the Monster brand. This brand can offer you good range of product in all different kind of budgets so thus brand is suitable for everyone.


  • Attractive appearance and good features.


  • Lack of comfort and features in some products.

15. Bose Earphones:

Bose has always been top level brand for earphones and headphones. Bose earphones always come with advanced tech and best sound quality. You can always enjoy the best music in these earphones.


  • Best sound quality and the best comfort of earphones.


  • High price range.

Getting the sound right can have a significant difference. Such as doing exhausting transport ride verses passionate adventure journey. Yet, there’s a whole other world of earphones than is just waiting for you so that you can find out more about earphones.

There’s a considerable measure of science and designing that goes into making of headphones pair sound a specific way. The sound can be tuned in numerous ways, and enjoying the sound experience is more about coordinating earphones pair to the music that you’re accustomed to listening to.

When you make your decision regarding headsets purchase then it should not be just regarding specific brand or appearance factor. If you make a selection of brand then you should first search options of many popular brands and then you should reach to the conclusion and select the best product.

Making selection of brand is not exactly quick and easy thing to do. However, if you will choose trust worthy and popular brands of earphones online for your research then it will become less confusing and less effort requiring task for you. Also, it will offer much efficient and suitable result as well.